Section 2.2: Geophysical Deep Sounding

Aside from expensive drill holes, we have no direct window into the interior of the Earth. However, the deepest borehole only penetrates to 12,262 meters. This is only a pin-prick into the Earth's skin, when compared with the planet's diameter, more than one thousand times longer. If we want to understand the geodynamic processes within the Earth and its natural reservoirs, we have to depend on indirect measurements from the surface. In Section 2.2, we concern ourselves with geophysical sounding for such investigations, using seismic and seismological methods in cooperation with section 2.7. We combine these methods using innovative procedures and interpret them together with groups of modellers. By repeating the measurements, we can monitor and follow changes in the geodynamic processes and conditions as a function of time. We also operate the Geophysical Instrument Pool Potsdam (GIPP) more...

Staff of Section 2.2

Our aims and tasks:

  • Development of seismic and seismological methods
  • Imaging of structures from reservoir to tectonic scale
  • Provision of large infrastructure for the geo-community
  • Development of innovative measuring equipment


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Prof. Dr. Michael Weber
Geophysical Deep Sounding

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Anke Lerch
Assistance of Geophysical Deep Sounding

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