1 Publications - Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
(Co-) Author: Wittmann, H.
  • Jonell, T. N., Clift, P. D., Van Hoang, L., Hoang, T., Carter, A., Wittmann, H., Böning, P., Pahnke, K., Rittenour, T. (2017): Controls on Erosion Patterns and Sediment Transport in a Monsoonal, Tectonically Quiescent Drainage, Song Gianh, Central Vietnam. - Basin Research, 29, S1, p. 659-683.

  • Malusà, M. G., Wang, J., Garzanti, E., Liu, Z.-C., Villa, I. M., Wittmann, H. (2017): Trace-element and Nd-isotope systematics in detrital apatite of the Po river catchment: Implications for provenance discrimination and the lag-time approach to detrital thermochronology. - Lithos, 290-291, p. 48-59.