1 Publications - Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
(Co-) Author: Schildgen, Taylor
  • Garcin, Y., Schildgen, T., Torres Acosta, V., Melnick, D., Guillemoteau, J., Willenbring, J., Strecker, M. R. (2017): Short-lived increase in erosion during the African Humid Period: Evidence from the northern Kenya Rift. - Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 459, p. 58-69.

  • Guzmán, S., Strecker, M. R., Martí, J., Petrinovic, I. A., Schildgen, T., Grosse, P., Montero-López, C., Neri, M., Carniel, R., Hongn, F. D., Muruaga, C., Sudo, M. (2017): Construction and degradation of a broad volcanic massif: The Vicuña Pampa volcanic complex, southern Central Andes, NW Argentina. - Geological Society of America Bulletin, 129, 5-6, p. 750-766.

  • Radeff, G., Schildgen, T., Cosentino, D., Strecker, M. R., Cipollari, P., Darbaş, G., Gürbüz, K. (2017): Sedimentary evidence for late Messinian uplift of the SE margin of the Central Anatolian Plateau: Adana Basin, southern Turkey. - Basin Research, 29, p. 488-514.