Topics of Section 2.5

The Geodynamic Modeling provides expertise in cutting-edge thermo-mechanical modeling of solid Earth dynamic processes at a large range of spatial (from regional to global) and temporal (from geological to human) scales. Particular focus is on the following themes:  

  • Coupled thermo-mechanical and petrophysical modeling of lithosphere-scale deformation processes at plate boundaries.

  • Modeling of mutual interaction of processes operating at different spatial and temporal scales (cross-scale modeling), particularly
    (i) interaction between global- and regional-scale deformation processes and
    (ii) geological timescale deformation and seismic-cycle deformation processes.

  • Modeling activity aimed at understanding and assessment of natural hazards like earthquakes and tsunamis.

  • Modeling support for multidisciplinary projects carried out by the GFZ.

  • Modeling the interaction of global plate motions, large-scale mantle flow and mantle plumes.


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Geodynamic Modelling

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