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Current projects

Linking continental breakup dynamics to climate changes (DAAD Collaboration support) - Correlating rift length with paleo-atmospheric CO2 content
  Contact: Sascha Brune

StRATEGy (Surface processes, Tectonics and Georesources: The Andean foreland basin of Argentina) - Controls of Cenozoic foreland-deformation patterns (Sub-project 163-G3.2)
 Contact: Sibiao Liu | Stephan Sobolev | Andrey Babeyko

CRYSTALS (Continental Rift Dynamics across the Scales) - Helmholtz Young Investigators Group
  Contact: Sascha Brune | Anne Glerum | Maximilian Döhmann

RHUM-RUM (Réunion Hotspot and Upper Mantle - Réunions Unterer Mantel) - Geodynamic Modelling of a mantle plume under La Réunion Island, Indian Ocean.
  Contact: Eva Bredow | Bernhard Steinberger


Finished projects 

SAMPLE - 3D Modelling of rifting and continental break-up

SAMPLE - Combining global and lithospheric-scale thermomechanical models of continental break-up in South Atlantic

GITEWS - Source modelling within German Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System 

Andes SFB 267 - Thermal and compositional structure of the continental lithosphere in the Central Andes (Subproject G1) 

Andes SFB 267 - Controls on lithospheric deformation, erosion and plateau formation in the Central Andes inferred from thermomechanical modelling (Subproject G2)

DESERT - Integrative interpretation and geodynamic modelling of the Dead Sea Transform

DESIRE - Geodynamic modelling of the Dead Sea Basin

Thermomechanical modelling of the San Andreas fault system in the framework of ICDP