Groundwater - Raw Material and Resource

Investigations by the UNESCO predict that already by the year 2050, half of the drinking water on Earth will be contaminated by salinization or the input of anthropogenic pollutants.

Process simulation

The scientific focus of the Section is on the integrated, deterministic and quantitative investigation of coupled processes in shallow to deep groundwater. The understanding of these processes should be further developed so that all spatial and temporal time frames can be covered and simulated.


Subsurface management

In view of the exploration, utilization and protection of the subsurface the section Fluid Systems Modelling contributes to the future and required field of “subsurface management” in regard of the behaviour of water and other fluids with solid rock in the deeper subsurface. The challenge of the next decades consists in developing a holistic concept along with the technologies and tools required for the sustainable exploitation of georesources. This, also taking into consideration that the subsurface will be at our disposal only once.



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