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We investigated how the noise in satellite magnetic data affects magnetic lithospheric field models derived from these data in the special case where this noise is correlated along satellite orbit tracks. For this we describe the satellite data noise as a perturbation magnetic field scaled independently for each orbit, where the scaling factor has a specified variance. Under this assumption, we have been able to derive a model for errors in lithospheric models generated by the correlated satellite data noise. Unless the perturbation field is known, estimating the noise in the lithospheric field model is a non-linear inverse problem. We therefore proposed an iterative post-processing technique to estimate both the lithospheric field model and its associated noise model. The technique has been successfully applied to derive a lithospheric field model from CHAMP satellite data up to spherical harmonic 120. The model is in agreement with other existing models. The technique can be in principal extended for all kind of potential field data with ”along track” correlated errors.

The reference associated with the model is for now:

DateiTypGrößeDatumInhalt ZIP110kBNov. 2012List of Gauss coefficients for the lithospheric field model. ZIP193kBNov. 2012Noise model subtracted.


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