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Dr. Matthias Förster

Section 2.3: Geomagnetism

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Behlertstraße 3a
Building K 3, room 017
14467 Potsdam
Phone: +49 331 288-1776
Fax: +49 331 288-1235
e-mail: matthias.foerster(at)


About the person

Function and Responsibilities:

Senior Scientist at GFZ, German Research Centre for Geosciences

Research Interests:

  • Cluster's Electron Drift Instrument (EDI) data analysis and interpretation
  • Electric fields in magnetosphere and ionosphere
  • High-latitude thermospheric wind circulation and its relation to solar wind drivers
  • Auroral Electrodynamics, using radar as, e.g., EISCAT and satellite data
  • Pulsations and Waves in the magnetosphere
  • Numerical modelling of thermosphere-ionosphere-plasmasphere-magnetosphere coupling processes
  • Geospheric Storms and Space Weather ascpects


1975 – 198Research Scientist, Central Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ZISTP) of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR in Potsdam
1977             Visiting Scientist, Sibirian Institute for Earth Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of the Russian Academy of Science (IZMIRAN) in Irkutsk
1983 – 1991  Research Scientist, Astrophysical Institute Potsdam (AIP)
1992 – 1996  Research Scientist, Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, branch office Berlin (MPE-A)
1997 – 1999  Research Scientist, GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam, preparing satellite project CHAMP
2000 – 2005  Research Scientist, Max-Planck-Institut for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE) in Garching near Munich, working in the Cluster Electron Drift Instrument (EDI) team
since 2005   Research Scientist, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam


1971      Abitur at the Thomasschule Leipzig
1975      Diploma in Theoretical Physics, Technical University of Dresden
1987      Dr. rer. nat. in Magnetospheric Physics, Academy of Sciences of the GDR, Berlin


seit 2010   DFG-Project on "High-latitude coupling processes between thermospheric circulation and solar wind driven
                    magnetospheric currents and plasma convection" (funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

Research Boards and Committees:

1988 - 1991   Secretary of the National U.R.S.I. (International Union of Radio Science) Committee of the GDR
since 1993    National Representative of Commission G (Ionospheric Physics) of the German National
                       U.R.S.I. (International Union of Radio Science) Committee
2001 - 2005   German member of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the EISCAT (European Incoherent
                       Scatter) Scientific Association
since 2002    Co-Editor of the journal Advances in Radio Science (ARS)
since 2003
    CoI of the Electron Drift Instrument (EDI) of the Cluster satellites