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Dr. Jürgen Matzka

Section 2.3: Earth's Magnetic Field

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Lindenstr. 7
Building H 1, room 101
14823 Niemegk
Phone: +49 33843 624-18
e-mail: juergen.matzka(at)


About the person

Function and Responsibilities:

  • Head of the Geomagnetic Observatory Niemegk
  • Head of the working group „Geomagnetic Observatories“

Research Interests:

  • Geomagnetism
  • Geomagnetic observatories and instruments, scientific infrastructure
  • Application of geomagnetic data to spaceweather, navigation and resource exploration
  • Magnetization and electric conductvity of the crust, aeromagnetics und induction


since   2014   senior scientist, GFZ Potsdam
2010 – 2014   senior scientist, DTU Space, Technical University of Denmark
2007 – 2009   scientist, Danish Meteorological Institute
2001 – 2006   scientist, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


2001   Dr. rer. nat., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
1997   DAAD scholarship, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
1997   Dipl.-Geophys., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


2015 – 2018   DFG, Ma 2578/4-1. Quantifying solar flux and geomagnetic main field influence on the equatorial thermosphere-ionosphere system for timescales complementary to satellite missions
– 2014  
NSF, Award# Matzka/DTU. Magnetometer on Summit for the DTU Greenland Magnetometer Array
2013 – 2014
The Danish Council for Independent Research. ABZ-Mag: The Automatic aBsolute Z-Magnetometer
2013 – 2014
   The Danish Council for Independent Research. GreenT: Greenland MagnetoTellurics
2012 – 2014   The Research Council of Norway. A combined global and local geomagnetic reference model for improving wellbore surveying accuracy (co-applicant)
2008 – 2012   The Danish Council for Independent Research. SAADAN: South Atlantic Anomaly Danish Magnetic Field Project
2005 – 2006   DFG, Ma 2578/3-1. Construction and geophysical interpretation of a Central European geomagnetic time series from historic sources
2004 – 2005   DFG, Ma 2578/2-1. Geomagnetic field variations and persistent non-dipole field contributions recorded by an approximately 130.000 years old lava sequence on Tristan da Cunha
2003 – 2005   DFG, Ma 2578/1-1. Microstructure of titanomagnetite in ocean basalt and consequences for its natural remanent magnetisation

Research Boards and Committees:

since   2016   Member, Editorial Board of Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group
since   2015   Co-chair, IAGA Working Group V-OBS: Geomagnetic Observations
since   2010   Member, INTERMAGNET Operations Committee

Reviewer for Acta Geophysica, Annales Geophysicae, Annals of Geophysics, Data Science Journal, Earth Planets Space, Elements, EOS, Geophysical Journal International, Geophysical Research Letters, History of Geo- and Space Sciences, Journal of Applied Geophysics, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Marine Geology, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Pure and Applied Geophysics, Remote Sensing, Science, Scientific Reports, Space Science Reviews, Space Weather