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(Co-) Author: Lühr, H.
  • Le, G., Lühr, H., Anderson, B. J., Strangeway, R. J., Russel, C. T., Singer, H., Slavin, J. A., Zhang, Y., Huang, T., Bromund, K., Chi, P. J., Lu, G., Fischer, D., Kepko, E. L., Leinweber, H. K., Magnes, W., Nakamura, R., Plaschke, F., Park, J., Rauberg, J., Stolle, C., Torbert, R. G. (2016): Magnetopause erosion during the March 17, 2015, magnetic storm: Combined field-aligned currents, auroral oval, and magnetopause observations. - Geophysical Research Letters, 43, 6, p. 2396-2404.

  • Park, J., Martinis, C. R., Lühr, H., Pfaff, R. F., Kwak, Y.-S. (2016): Hemispheric asymmetry in transition from equatorial plasma bubble to blob as deduced from 630.0 nm airglow observations at low latitudes. - Journal of Geophysical Research, 121, 1, p. 881-893.

  • Kervalishvili, G., Lühr, H. (2016): Climatology of Vertical Ion Velocity and its Relationship with Large-scale FAC Based on DMSP and CHAMP Observations: Seasonal and IMF By Dependence - Meeting contributions, 6th PlanetMag Meeting (Dresden, Germany 2016).

  • Kervalishvili, G., Lühr, H. (2016): Superposed Epoch Analysis of Vertical Ion Velocity, Electron Temperature, Field-Aligned Current, and Thermospheric Wind in the Dayside Auroral Region as Observed by DMSP and CHAMP - Abstracts, AGU 2016 Fall Meeting (San Francisco, USA 2016).

  • Lühr, H., Huang, T., Kervalishvili, G. (2016): Field-aligned current distribution at high latitude: Results from the Swarm satellite constellation - Abstracts, American Geosciences Union Chapman Conference on Currents in Geospace and Beyond (Dubrovnik, Croatia 2016).

  • Sadler, B., Lessard, M., Oksavik, K., Lühr, H., Kervalishvili, G., Otto, A. (2016): A Cusp Density Enhancement Study using CHAMP / EISCAT conjunctions - Abstracts, AGU 2016 Fall Meeting ( San Francisco, USA 2016).

  • Stolle, C., Xiong, C., Kervalishvili, G., Lühr, H., Rauberg, J., Michaelis, I. (2016): F region postsunset plasma structures at low latitudes deduced from the Swarm satellite constellation - Tagungsband, 76. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Geophysikalischen Gesellschaft gemeinsam mit der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Extraterrestrische Forschung und demFachverband Extraterrestrische Physik der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft ( (Münster, Germany 2016).

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