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(Co-) Author: Rodríguez-Zuluaga, J.
  • Nava, B., Rodríguez-Zuluaga, J., Alazo-Cuartas, K., Kashcheyev, A., Migoya-Orué, Y., Radicella, S. M., Amory-Mazaudier, C., Fleury, R. (2016): Middle- and low-latitude ionosphere response to 2015 St. Patrick's Day geomagnetic storm. - Journal of Geophysical Research, 121, 4, p. 3421-3438.

  • Rodríguez-Zuluaga, J., Radicella, S. M., Nava, B., Amory-Mazaudier, C., Mora-Páez, H., Alazo-Cuartas, K. (2016): Distinct responses of the low-latitude ionosphere to CME and HSSWS: The role of the IMF Bz oscillation frequency. - Journal of Geophysical Research, 121, 11, p. 11,528-11,548.