Geomagnetic Observatory Wingst (WNG)

Absolute building
Absolute building in Wingst

The Geomagnetic Observatory Wingst (WNG) is operated as a remote station of the Niemegk Geomagnetic Observatory by GFZ since 2004. A cooperation exsited between the Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH) up to 2011. The observatory belonged to BSH up to 1999. At the Wingst Observatory, the geomagnetic field intensity and directions have been recorded since 1938 and indices of geomagnetic activity determined since 1944. For further informations to history ...

Location: Germany

Geographic Coordinates
Latitude: 53.74 N   Longitude: 09.07 E   Altitude: 50 m

Geomagnetic Coordinates
Latitude: 54.06 N   Longitude: 95.04 E

The geomagnetic Coordinates refer to IGRF-11 for 2010.


Table of the annual mean values of the Marineobservatorium Wilhelmshaven

Current and definitive data of the observatory you can receive from the World Data Centers for Geomagnetism.

The Wingst observatory is member of the INTERMAGNET program.


Publications 1937-2004

Yearbooks 2000-2003

Yearbooks in pdf format of the Niemegk and Wingst observatories since the year 2000 (here only Wingst) are available.


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Dr. Jürgen Matzka

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Mr. Dr. Achim Morschhauser

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