Geomagnetic Observatory Lombok (LOK*)

Variation buildung, absolute house and main building (from left to right)

The Geomagnetic Observatory Lombok (LOK*) is run in co-operation of the Fakulty of Engineering, Mataram University and the GFZ since the year 2014. The geomagnetic field intensity and directions are continously recorded at the observatory.

(* provisional identification)

Location: Indonesia

Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude:  8.83 S   Longitude: 116.29 E  

Geomagnetic Coordinates:
Latitude: 18.65 S   Longitude: 171.13 W

The geomagnetic Coordinates refer to IGRF-11 for 2010.


Data are available on request.


Profile photo of  Dr. Jürgen Matzka

Dr. Jürgen Matzka

Lindenstr. 7
Building H 1, room 213
14823 Niemegk
tel. +49 33843 624-18


Mr. Dr. Achim Morschhauser

Lindenstr. 7
Building H 1, room 103
14823 Niemegk
tel. +49 331 288-1955

Cooperation partner

Dr. Teti Zubaidah

Jurusan Elektro, Fakultas Teknik
Universitas Mataram
Jl. Majapahit 62
Mataram 83125
Lombok - Nusa Tenggara Barat

Phone +62 370-636126/
Fax +62 370-636523