Geomagnetic network in Europe


Geomagnetic repeat station surveys have a long tradition in many European countries. Nevertheless they have been carried out independently in the individual countries. The spatial density and the repeat intervals varied significantly. It has been difficult for a long time to use the data efficiently for studies of geomagnetic secular variation of the whole continent. A more homogeneous spatial and temporal distribution of high quality repeat station data was desirable. Therefore we organised a workshop at the Niemegk geomagnetic observatory in 2003 in order to exchange experiences and coordinate the individual European efforts. The result was an initiative to carry out common geomagnetic repeat station surveys in the European countries every two years. This successful initiative is meanwhile known as MagNetE (Magnetic Network of Europe), and supported by a resolution of IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy). Workshops are organised in different countries every two years in order to ensure the continuing cooperation between the participants from some 20 European countries. The latest workshop was held in May 2011 in Rome, and the next one is planned in Prague for 2013.

Map of European repeat station network (red dots) and geomagnetic observatories (blue dots).
European repeat station network (red dots) and geomagnetic observatories (blue dots).

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