Contribution to INTERMAGNET

INTERMAGNET  is an international programme to foster cooperation between geomagnetic observatories. INTERMAGNET distributes through a website and an ftp-server quality controlled data, in part in near-real time, to scientific users. The INTERMAGNET data set is also made available for redistribution to certain organisations holding Earth observation data.

The Geomagnetic Observatories of GFZ are operated by Section 2.3 Earth's Magnetic Field and are part of the Modular Earth Science Infrastructure. We provide observatory data in near-real time and later as definitive (finally calibrated) archive data to INTERMAGNET and we aim at reaching the necessary quality standards for INTERMAGNET participation for all observatories operated and supported by us.

INTERMAGNET observatories (red dots shows operated by GFZ and in cooperation)
The red dots shows the observatories operated by GFZ and in cooperations. The black dots are the other international INTERMAGNET observatories. Black lines show the magnetic equator as well as further latitudes and longitudes based on a geomagnetic field model.

The working group Geomagnetic Observatories also contributes services to the international cooperation within INTERMAGNET and is involved in its Operations Committee and the committees for Definitive Data, Applications and Standards, Instrumentation and Data Acquisition, and Technical Manual. We contribute to the administration of metadata for INTERMAGNET observatories and peer review the definitive data from other institutes.


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