We obtain the measurement data for our work through the operation of own infrastructure and the participation in international programmes:


Ground observations

The Adolf-Schmidt-Observatory for Geomagnetism of GFZ in Niemegk operates and supports magnetic observatoris in several countries worldwide. The observatories contribute to the international INTERMAGNET programme, which provides globally distributed data. 

Repeat station measurements, which are carried out in frequent intervals at fixed locations, are used to map the geomagnetic field regionally and to monitor secular variation better in regions with few geomagnetic observatories.

Satellite missions

The CHAMP satellite mission of GFZ provided highest quality data for the investigation of geomagnetic and gravity field from 2000 to 2010. We are involved in the ESA satellite mission Swarm, which observes the geomagnetic field since November 2013. The mission consists of three identical, low-Earth orbiting satellites and also measures ionospheric and atmospheric parameters.


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