Atmosphere-Hydrosphere Dynamics

This topic concentrates on the simulation of dynamical processes in atmosphere, oceans, and continental hydrosphere and on their impact on geodetic monitoring data (e.g., Earth rotation, deformation, gravity and magnetic field).

Core-Mantle Dynamics

Within this topic, models of the Earth’s core dynamics and its effect on the Earth’s rotation and the gravity field are developed and validated by comparison with time series of measured values of these quantities.

Density Structure of the Earth

In this topic we concentrate on joint analysis of gravity, seismic and other geophysical, geodetic and geological data aiming for construction of comprehensive models of the lithosphere and underlying mantle and finding a connection of these models with ongoing tectonic processes and geodynamics.

Ice-Sheet and Solid-Earth Dynamics

In this topic we focus on the numerical simulation of ice-sheet and solid-earth dynamics and their coupling to climate and ocean. The considered processes cover recent ice-mass change and the glaciation periods during the last ice age.

Programme-oriented funding (POF)

The section is working in the field Geosystem: The Changing Earth of programme-oriented funding of the Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft.