Magnon Variable Field Susceptibility Meter VFSM

Linux software: N.R.Nowaczyk.

Analytical performance:

Measurement of magnetic susceptibility of discrete samples versus field and/or frequency. The original manual operation has been replaced by a simple (currently experimental) stepping motor controlled automation.

NOTE: The mains frequency (Germany: 50 Hz) and its multiples have to be avoided! Thus, useful frequencies are f = n*50+25 Hz.

Field: from 100 to 465 µT
Frequencies: from 20 to 10000 Hz


100 µT400 µT
100 Hz : 10e-5100 Hz : 2x10e-6
1000 Hz : 10e-61000 Hz : 2x10e-7
10000 Hz : 10e-710000 Hz : 2x10e-8

VFMS Noise (pdf)


cubic or cylindrical samples with up to 10 ccm volume.


Rock magnetic investigations of terrestrial, lacustrine or marine sediment sequences, or hard rocks.


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