Dendrohydrological and Dendroecological Monitoring

To-date we do have monitoring activities going on in

  • NE-Germany, Müritz National Park
  • Central Asia (Sary Chelek, Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan),
  • Hawaii (Pohakaloa Training Area, Big Island, Hawaii) and
  • South Africa (Limpopo valley)

Dendrohydrological Monitoring in NE-Germany

Müritz National Park, beech (Fagus sylvatica) canopy in autumn

The dendrohydrolocal monitoring in NE-Germany is a vital part of our denroclimatological research within the Helmholtz infrastructure project TERENO and the Helmholtz-Virtual Institute ICLEA.

ICLEA, Virtual Institute for Integrated Climate and Landscape Evolution Analysis
TERENO, Terrestrial Environmental Observatories
Helmholtz Association

Monitoring Measures

Nationalpark Müritz, Buchenwald im Oktober 2012
Nationalpark Müritz, Buchenwald im Sommer

Xylem sap flow measurement

Xylem sap flow sensors

Dendroecological monitoring of Baobabs, S-Africa

Point dendrometer: out of reach for the elephants?
Small baobab tree equiped with dendrometers; Musina, South Africa
Circumference dendrometer on a branch of a baobab

phD-project of Franziska Slotta in cooperation with FU Berlin (Frank Riedel) and the German Archaeological Institute (DAI, Uwe Heußner), Berlin.


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Dr. Gerhard Helle
Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution

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Monitoring within TERENO/ICLEA

Dr. Sonia Simard
Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution

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