Dendrochronology Laboratory

Staff and guests in December 2013 Kathi Langenwalter, Almaz Orozumbekov, Heiko Baschek, Ingo Heinrich, Franziska Slotta, Gulzar Omurova, Hagen Pieper, Wei Liang, Gerd Helle

Hot off the press

Schollän, K., Heinrich, I., Helle, G. (2014): UV-laser-based microscopic dissection of tree rings - a novel sampling tool for δ13C and δ18O studies. - New Phytologist, 201, 3, p. 1045-1055.

Pieper, H., Heinrich, I., Heußner, K. U., Helle, G. (2014): The influence of volcanic eruptions on growth of central European lowland trees in NE-Germany during the last millennium. - Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 411, p. 155-166.

Pritzkow, C., Heinrich, I., Grudd, H., Helle, G. (2014): Relationship between wood anatomy, tree-ring widths and wood density of Pinus sylvestris L. and climate at high latitudes in northern Sweden. - Dendrochronologia, 32, 4, p. 295-302. 

Saurer, M., Spahni, R., Frank, D. C., Joos, F., Leuenberger, M., Loader, N. J., McCarroll, D., Gagen, M., Poulter, B., Siegwolf, R. T., Andreu-Hayles, L., Boettger, T., Dorado Liñán, I., Fairchild, I. J., Friedrich, M., Gutierrez, E., Haupt, M., Hilasvuori, E., Heinrich, I., Helle, G., Grudd, H., Jalkanen, R., Levanič, T., Linderholm, H. W., Robertson, I., Sonninen, E., Treydte, K., Waterhouse, J. S., Woodley, E. J., Wynn, P. M., Young, G. H. (2014): Spatial variability and temporal trends in water-use efficiency of European forests. - Global Change Biology, 20, 12, p. 3700-3712.


  • to reconstruct the temporal and spatial variability of the climate of the past utilizing multi-parameter tree ring analysis
  • to assess and verify the causes of climate change and its impact on woody plants


  • quantitative analysis of the climate-signal transfer from atmosphere through soil and leaf into the wood of tree rings (Monitoring, calibration and verification of tree ring parameters vs. instrumental data)
  • to establish multi-centennial to millennium long time series of tree-ring parameters (ring width, cellstructure parameters, stable isotope ratios) for networks of sites from selected regions of the earth
  • comparative study of time series of climate proxies from different geo-archives (varved sediments, spelethemes, corals etc.)


Up-to-date equipment of the dendrology laboratory of section 5.2 allows high precision and accuracy of sample preparation and analysis, as well as best possible automation.


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