TEM Laboratory

The Transmission Electron Microscopy TEM laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with a FEI Tecnai G2 F20 X-Twin transmission electron microscope and a FEI FIB200TEM Focused Ion Beam device for specimen preparation. The laboratory provides powerful techniques for characterization of crystal structure, microstructures and chemical composition of materials down to a near atomic level.


1. TEM and attachments:  

  • FEI Tecnai G2 F20 X-Twin (200 kV)
  • FEG electron source
  • HAADF Detector
  • Gatan Tridiem (EELS, EFTEM)
  • EDAX energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy system
  • TEM sample holder: 
    • Gatan double-tilt holder
    • Single-tilt tomography holder
    • Compustage low background double-tilt holder
    • single-tilt rotation holder
    • Gatan double-tilt liquid nitrogen holder
    • Gatan heating holder

2. Specimen preparation:

  • FEI FIB200TEM Focused Ion Beam Device FIB
  • FEI Quanta 3D
  • Gatan Duo Mill Argon Ion Mill
  • Fishione Plasma Cleaner
  • Gatan Dimple Grinder
FEI Tecnai G2 F20 X-Twin (200 kV)
FEI Tecnai G2 F20 X-Twin (200 kV)


Mr. Dr. Richard Wirth
Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials

Building C, room 120
14473 Potsdam
tel. +49 331 288-1371