Utilisation of the geosphere and environmental protection are in the focus of the Centre for Geological Storage CGS. This interdisciplinary group studies geotechnical applications with a holistic approach.

Geological Storage

The research on geological storage advances the understanding of the fundamental geological and operational processes involved in underground storage of CO2 to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere (CO2MAN, COMPLETE, IMPACTS).

Geophysical Monitoring

The Centre for Geological Storage CGS applies and develops seismic and geoelectrical techniques to monitor the CO2 storage formation.

Experimental Reservoir Studies

Any storage of matter in the geological subsurface disturbs the chemical equilibrium of a storage system and causes interactions between stored matter, initial formation fluids and reservoir rock as well as cap rock. To study these interactions is the objective of the working group „Experimental Reservoir Studies“ at the Centre for Geological Storage CGS.