Core scanning and analysis

The OSG operates several DMT core scanner and a multi-sensor core logger (MSCL) that belonges to the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP). The MSCL  determines in particular: P-wave velocities, gamma density, magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity at a resolution of up to 1 mm and a spatial accuracy of 0.5 mm. Typical measurement speeds are in the range of 12 m / h.

Borehole Sondes

The Operational Support Group (OSG) operates slimhole and standard borehole sondes owned by the GFZ to determine fundamental geophysical parameters. The sondes do not contain radioactive sources. Slimhole sondes are designed for pressures up to 80 MPa and temperatures up to 150 °C with the exception of the BHTV operate (70 °C/ 20 MPa) and can be used in wells up to 75 mm diameter. The sondes can be operated with winches provided or other winches that are able to receive at least 4 cables. The standard hole sondes are designed for up to 150 °C and 100 MPa, and are suitable for drilling holes from 110 mm diameter.

Gas Monitoring

In close cooperation with the Section 4.2 of the GFZ, the OSG provides equipment for real time determination of gases from circulating drilling fluid disposal including instruction/ training. The technique has been proven to be a reliable and cost-effective method for determining the spatial distribution of gases at different ICDP projects.

Geophone Chain

Seismic borehole measurements such as VSP or a micro-seismic monitoring can be conducted with a SlimWave Geophone chain from Sercel. The Geophone chain can run up to 17 levels in wells with diameters of 21/4 "to 13". It provides gamma ray and casing Collor locator (CCL) Log.


For mobile near-surface high-resolution seismic survey of e.g. dikes or land reclamation of surface mines or in tunnels, the group of the Scientific drilling provides a specially modified Geosonar.


Seismic sources such as pneumatic hammers or magnetostrictive actuators as vibrator source, recording units such as the SUMMIT compact or the at GFZ developed wireless data logger for underground use and SPWD laboratory prototype are presented here.



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