Topics of Section 6.1

Structural Modelling

The integration of geophysical (seismic, seismological, gravity, magnetic, heat flow) data as well as of geological information (stratigraphy, lithology, structure) into consistent models of the basin fill, the crust and the lithosphere is inalienable if we want to derive reasonable boundary conditions concerning the distribution of physical properties and ultimately the allocation of pressure and temperature.



Gravity Field

Often the information available to describe the deep structure of the lithosphere under sedimentary basins is restricted to local deep seismic profiles and sparse information from seismology. Here 3D gravity modelling provides a helpful tool to derive the spatial distribution of densities at depth.


Temperature Field

Knowing the present state of the thermal field as well as understanding the coupling between fluid-and heat transport in basins, is of societal relevance in particular for the exploration of energy resources or water.







In response to changing stress fields sedimentary basins experience deformation the mode of which may be decisively influenced by the presence of internal rheological heterogeneities as the presence of salt layers or of structural inheritance.



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