Section 7.4: Library and Information Services (LIS)

The section Library and Information Service serves as the Library Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein and was formed on the base of contract between the institutes GFZ, PIK and AWI Potsdam. In 2011 IASS Potsdam has joined that contract.

The aim is the joint usage and development of library services on the Telegrafenberg. The GFZ library in building A17 is the central access point for all services. Three branch libraries in A31 (PIK), A43 (AWI) and Berliner Str. 130 (IASS) broaden these offers.

The Library Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein is a special library, which provides services to the scientists on the campus Telegrafenberg. It is based on the cooperation of the institutes AWI, GFZ, PIK and IASS in the field of library and information services. The library is also open for teachers and students from universities and anyone working on geoscientifc subjects. The library supplies for this purpose printed and electronic media and information for the work of the scientists on the Telegrafenberg. The library offers help and information on all questions in the field of scientific publishing.

Library Website

Services, search access points and library support

Persicope, Albert Suchmaschine

Search engine ALBERT

Books, articles, maps, journals, research data and new acquisitions - in print and electronic.


Document delivery

You didn't find what you where looking for in the library? We will provide the literature from other libraries within a few days.

Computer keyboard


Access to licensed databases like the Web of Science, Scopus or GeoRef and a huge number free relevant scientific databases.

Library as publisher

Publishing Services

Editing and e-publishing of conference proceedings, books, and journal hosting.

GFZ Data Services

GFZ Data Services

Publication of Data Supplements and Scientific Technical Report Data.


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