Underground Laboratories

Geothermal research platform Größ Schönebeck

This laboratory is a reference for the development of geothermal technologies in hydrothermal reservoir rock with low permeability. Two research wells form a geothermal doublet and give access to water-bearing horizons at depths between 3,9 and 4,4 km at temperatures of 150 °C.

KTB - Deep Crustal Lab

The KTB Deep Crustal Laboratory of GFZ Potsdam (KTB-DL) is a worldwide unique research site for a wide variety of experiments, tests and measurements under in-situ borehole conditions. The constellation of two very deep boreholes in crystalline rocks close to each other (200 m) with easy accessibility and full technical infrastructure allows deep borehole experiments at reasonable costs. The KTB site is located in Windischeschenbach, Oberpfalz, Bavaria in southeastern Germany.

Pilot site Ketzin

With its 5 research wells and permanently installed  geochemical and geophysical monitoring and measurement systems the Ketzin pilot site represents a worldwide unique infrastructure for research into the geological storage of CO2.

GFZ-UndergroundLab Freiberg

The GFZ-Underground-Lab in the research and education mine “Reiche Zeche” in Freiberg offers the possibility to run series of experiments to develop underground applications. With respect to the known geological background, market-ready systems can be realized.