GFZ provides several instruments. Via the "Geophysical Instrument Pool Potsdam (GIPP)" seismic and magnetotelluric instruments and sensors for joint projects with universities and other research facilities are provided. It is hosted by GFZ section "Geophysical Deep Sounding". 

Broadband-onshore stations and ocean bottom seimometers for the preferred use within amphibious projects are provided by the "German instrument pool for amphibian seismology" (Deutscher Geräte-Pool für amphibische Seismologie, DEPAS). The onshore component is maintained by the GFZ, the offshore component is operated by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven (AWI).

Geophysical Instrument Pool Potsdam, GIPP

The Geophysical Instrument Pool Potsdam (GIPP) provides seismic and magnetotelluric field instruments and sensors for for joint projects with universities and other research facilities. Since its foundation in 1993 the GIPP has supported more than 160 geoscientific projects. 

German Instrument Pool for Amphibian Seismology, DEPAS

The German instrument pool for amphibian seismology (Deutscher Geräte-Pool für amphibische Seismologie, DEPAS) provides broadband-onshore stations and ocean bottom seismometers for the preferred use within amphibious projects.

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