Helmholtz Young Investigators Groups

With the Helmholtz Young Investigators Groups, the Helmholtz Association fosters the early academic independence of its young researchers and offers them secure career prospects. The programme is the only one of its kind in Germany and increases the appeal of the Helmholtz centres among aspiring scientists all over the world. The Young Investigator Groups play an important role in attracting new research talent to come and work in Germany.

Young Investigators Groups at GFZ

  • Microbial Communities of the Terrestrial Subsurface: Functional Repertoire and Distribution Patterns in Pleistocene and Holocene Deposits (MicroCene)

    Young Investigators Group Leader: Prof. Susanne Liebner

  • Trace Gas Exchange in the Earth - Atmosphere System on Multiple Scales (TEAM)

    Young Investigators Group Leader: Prof. Torsten Sachs


  • Continental Rift Dynamics Across the Scales (CRYSTALS)

    Young Investigators Group Leader: Dr. Sascha Brune