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(Co-) Author: Heidbach, O.

  • Rajabi, M., Tingay, M., Heidbach, O., Belton, D., Balfour, N., Bendall, B. (2016 online): New constraints on the neotectonic stress pattern of the Flinders and Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia. - Exploration Geophysics.


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  • Heidbach, O., Henk, A., Müller, B., Reiter, K., Hergert, T., Schilling, F. (2016): SpannEnD – providing stress data and geomechanical modelling tools for the site selection process in Germany - Abstracts, 2nd Conference on Key Topics in Deep Geological Disposal (Cologne 2016).

  • Heidbach, O., Rajabi, M., Ziegler, M., Reiter, K., WSM Team (2016): The World Stress Map Database Release 2016 - Global Crustal Stress Pattern vs. Absolute Plate Motion - Abstracts, Arthur Holmes Meeting 2016 – The Wilson Cycle: Plate Tectonic and Structural Inheritance During Continental Deformation (London 2016).

  • Henk, A., Heidbach, O., Müller, B., Reiter, K., Hergert, T., Schilling, F. (2016): The role of stress and geomechanical modelling BEFORE site selection - Abstracts, 2nd Conference on Key topics in deep geological disposal: Challenges of a Site Selection Process: Society – Procedures – Safety (Cologne 2016).

  • López, A., Müller, B., Rojas, W., Heidbach, O., Mario, F. (2016): Stress field in Costa Rica from focal mechanisms and wellbore breakouts: Implications for fault reactivtion - Abstracts, IASPEI Regional Assembly Latin - American and Caribbean Seismological Commision - LACSC (San José, Costa Rica 2016).

  • Rajabi, M., Tingay, M., Heidbach, O. (2016): The present-day tectonic stress pattern of Australia: The new release of the Australian stress map project - Abstracts, Neotectonics on the Australian Plate. New science for energy, mineral and groundwater systems, and hazard assessment - 2-Day Symposium (Canberra, Australia 2016).

  • Specht, S., Cotton, F., Heidbach, O., Zang, A. (2016): Rapid identification of rupture and auxiliary planes from focal mechanism data for the 2016 Ecuador and Kumamoto earthquakes - Abstracts, 35th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission (Trieste, Italy 2016).

  • Reinecker, J., Heidbach, O. (2016): Spannungsorientierungen in den Bohrungen Gösgen SB4, Tegerfelden-1 und Tegerfelden-2, (Arbeitsbericht NAB 16-26).