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(Co-) Author: Brauer, A.
  • Corella, J. P., Valero-Garcés, B. L., Vicente- Serrano, S. M., Brauer, A., Benito, G. (2016): Three millennia of heavy rainfalls in Western Mediterranean: frequency, seasonality and atmospheric drivers. - Scientific Reports, 6.

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  • Haliuc, A., Veres, D., Hubay, K., Begy, R., Brauer, A., Hutchinson, S., Braun, M. (2016): High-resolution multi-proxy reconstruction of Lake Ighiel (Western Carpathians, Romania): processes and controlling factors of lacustrine dynamics during the mid and late Holocene, (Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 18, EGU2016-5702, 2016), General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria 2016).

  • Hoelzmann, P., Słowinski, M., Obremska, M., Ott, F., Brauer, A. (2016): Anthropogenic impact on the sediment record from Lake Czechowskie (N-Poland) based on heavy metal contents in combination with high-resolution pollen and varve data: Geochemical background vs enrichment history and landsurface changes, (Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 18, EGU2016-6631), General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria 2016).

  • Noryskiewicz, A. M., Kordowski, J., Tyszkowski, S., Kramkowski, M., Zawiska, I., Rzodkiewicz, M., Mirosław-Grabowska, J., Ott, F., Slowinski, M., Obremska, M., Błaszkiewicz, M., Brauer, A. (2016): Climate-landform effects on lateglacial vegetation pattern in northeastern Tuchola Pinewoods (northern Poland): multiproxy evidence from the Lake Czechowskie catchment, northern Poland, (Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 18, EGU2016-7321), General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria 2016).

  • Schlolaut, G., Brauer, A., Nakagawa, T., Lamb, H., Marshall, M., Kato-Saito, M., Staff, R., Bronk Ramsey, C., Bryant, C. (2016): Indications of a pan-hemispheric bi-partition of the Younger Dryas Stadial from Lake Suigetsu, Japan, (Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 18, EGU2016-9552), General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria 2016).

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