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(Co-) Author: Helle, G.

  • Andreu-Hayles, L., Ummenhofer, C. C., Barriendos, M., Schleser, G. H., Helle, G., Leuenberger, M., Gutiérrez, E., Cook, E. R. (2017): 400 Years of summer hydroclimate from stable isotopes in Iberian trees. - Climate Dynamics, 49, 1-2, p. 143-161.

  • Ben, T., Hart, P. J., Helle, G. (2017): Towards establishing a new environmental archive – Annual growth periodicity, stable carbon isotope variability and reconstruction potential of 'Akoko (Euphorbia olowaluana), a native Hawaiian tree with C4 photosynthetic pathway. - Erdkunde, 71, 1, p. 77-92.

  • Brienen, R. J. W., Gloor, E., Clerici, S., Newton, R., Arppe, L., Boom, A., Bottrell, S., Callaghan, M., Heaton, T., Helama, S., Helle, G., Leng, M. J., Mielikäinen, K., Oinonen, M., Timonen, M. (2017): Tree height strongly affects estimates of water-use efficiency responses to climate and CO2 using isotopes. - Nature Communications, 8.

  • Grießinger, J., Bräuning, A., Helle, G., Hochreuther, P., Schleser, G. (2017): Late Holocene relative humidity history on the southeastern Tibetan plateau inferred from a tree-ring δ18O record: Recent decrease and conditions during the last 1500 years. - Quaternary International, 430, Part B, p. 52-59.