"Zukunftstag" at GFZ

"Zukunftstag" 2015 at GFZ (photo: E. Gantz, GFZ)

24.04.2015|Potsdam: Under the headline "Abenteuer Erde/Adventure Earth", last thursday about 30 pupils from in and around Potsdam, grade seven to nine, took part in this years girlsday and boysday, the "Zukunftstag/day for their future" at GFZ. The girls and boys had the opportunity to gain an insight into the daily life of a geoscientist.

They listened to talks about the research at GFZ and visited several laboratories and station where they e.g. learned about how mountains form, what sediment cores can tell about the climate, what seismic waves are, and which instrument is used to investigate atoms. In two courses they got deeper insights into the research on the Earth's core or the Earth's magnetic field. Manuela Lange, organizer of the event at GFZ, calls it a complete success: "The girls and boys enjoyed it a lot, we will probably see one or the other again in some years time as a young scientist here at GFZ ".

This already was the 13th "Zukunftstag" in Brandenburg.