Personalia | Professor Benning follows call to FU Berlin

Professor Liane Benning follows call to FU Berlin (photo: private).

01.04.2016: Liane G. Benning, Head of the GFZ section Interface Geochemistry, follows a call to FU Berlin. Starting on April 1st she will be Professor of „Interface Geochemistry“ in the department of Geosciences. Prof. Benning was successfully recruited for the GFZ by the Helmholtz Recruiting Initiative.

Her research deals with geochemical reaction mechanisms at low to hydrothermal temperatures in inorganic and biologic systems. For the investigation of (bio)geochemical, microbial, and mineralogical processes, Liane Benning and her team are applying a variety of laboratory and field methods, from high resolution electron microscopy to synchroton-X-ray-analysis to genomic investigations.

After finishing her PhD at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, in 1995, Prof. Benning moved for three years as a postdoc to the Pennsylvania State University, USA. In 1999, she joined the University of Leeds, UK, as a Research Fellow and then a lecturer. In 2007 she was appointed a full professor for Experimental Biogeochemistry at Leeds. Since October 2014 Liane Benning is at GFZ.

Interview with Prof. Benning by „Helmholtz & Friends“ at the reception for newly appointed professors>>