Personalia | Climate science in the bathing lake – Theresa Grunwald takes part in the FameLab finals

Theresa Grunwald, winner of the preliminary round of FameLab Berlin/Brandenburg, will take part in the national final of FameLab in Bielefeld (photo: GFZ).

25.04.2017: Theresa Grunwald, PhD student in the GFZ section Geomorphology, won the preliminary round of FameLab Berlin/Brandenburg that was taking place on Telegrafenberg in Potsdam at the beginning of April. The audience was impressed by her talk on "How to decipher a lake's memory". This Thursday Theresa Grunwald will take part in the national final of FameLab in Bielefeld.

Using a fish bowl and a bunch of parsley on stage Theresa Grunwald demonstrated how a bathing lake can serve as a climate archive and therewith won the jury over. In second place was Ewa Nowicka from the Technical University of Berlin with her contribution „Gold in life, decoration and chemistry“. Darling of the public and therewith in third place was José Antonio Bayona Viveros from the GFZ sectionSeismic Hazard and Stress Field, with his contribution "A world under pressure".

FameLab is a science communication competition held in more than 25 countries. Within only three minutes time young talents present their research topic in a generally understandable and preferable creative way. They have to convince a jury consisting of experts from communication, science, and science management. The winners of the preliminary rounds that were also held in Bielefeld, Braunschweig, and Karlsruhe, compete against one another on 27 April for the FameLab Germany final in Bielefeld. In June, the national winners then compete in the grand finals at the Cheltenham Science Festival in Great Britain.

The talks of the winners of the preliminary round of FameLab Berlin/Brandenburg are presented  >>here. (ak)