Personalia | Humboldt awardee Yehuda Ben-Zion joins GFZ

Prof. Yehuda Ben-Zion (photo: private).

01.09.2017: Yehuda Ben-Zion, geophysicist and professor at the University of Southern California, again joins the GFZ for the period of September to December 2017 as a visiting scientist and Humboldt awardee in section Geomechanics and Rheology.

As already in 2011, Professor Ben-Zion will visit the GFZ as a Humboldt Research Award Winner. With this further research stay the existing cooperation between Ben-Zion and the GFZ in the research field of fracture processes and earthquakes is continued. A special emphasis will be on the investigation of earthquake activities at plate boundaries and stress field analysis as well as on collaborative laboratory experiments. (ak)