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Paul Ramdohr Prize for Martin Kutzschbach

28.09.2016: The PhD student Martin Kutzschbach, GFZ section Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials, was awarded with the Paul-Ramdohr Prize of the German Mineralogical Society, DMG, at the European Mineralogical Conference, EMC 2016 in Rimini, Italy. Like this, the DMG distinguishes „outstanding contributions“ of young scientists.

Martin Kutzschbach was given the award for his talk entitled „The effect of tetrahedral B on B isotope fractionation between olenitic tourmaline and fluid“. The Paul Ramdohr Prize therewith goes to a PhD student at the GFZ the third consecutive year (2015: Maria Stuff, 2014: Dr. Eleanor Berryman).

Within his thesis, supervised by Professor Wilhelm Heinrich (GFZ) and Professor Gerhard Franz (TU Berlin), Kutzschbach works with the Boron isotope fractionation between fluid and the crystal tourmaline as a function of pressure, temperature, and Boron concentration. These data can be used for multiple applications. The boron isotopy serves as a geo-thermometer, as a geochemical indicator of mass transportation, or can be used for a better understanding of the genesis of ore deposits.

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