Personalia | New Head for GFZ section Inorganic and Isotope Geochemistry

New Head for GFZ section Inorganic and Isotope Geochemistry

30.09.2016: Professor Sarah Gleeson is new Head of GFZ section Inorganic and Isotope Geochemistry, starting on 1 October. She succeeds Professor Jörg Erzinger who retires after a successful career at the GFZ. At the same time Sarah Gleeson takes up a joint appointment professorship position with the Free University of Berlin in “Mineral Resources”.

Sarah Gleeson was successfully recruited for the GFZ by the Helmholtz Recruiting Initiative. She has worked at the GFZ since July 2015 and is establishing a research group with a focus on the genesis of mineral deposits. Gleeson’s research interests are in the fields of hydrothermal fluid geochemistry and water rock interaction processes. In recent years, she has worked on the formation of base metal and gold deposits in sedimentary basins. She also has an interest in Ni laterite deposits – which are formed by weathering processes in tropical regions.  She combines field studies with mineralogical, geochemical, and isotopic techniques to understand the cycling of elements in hydrothermal systems.

Gleeson received an undergraduate degree in Geology from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and a PhD in geochemistry from Imperial College, London, Great Britain. Subsequently, she held post-doctoral positions at the Natural History Museum, London, and at the University of Leeds, Great Britain, before moving to the University of Alberta, Canada, to take up a position as a professor in 2001.