Fiery End of the GOCE gravity mission

The gravity satellite „GOCE“ burned up after four and a half year in a Low Earth Orbit on 11.11.2013 at 01.23 Uhr CET in the South Atlantic. Following a communication of the European Space Agency ESA, the satellite found its fiery end south of the Falkland islands when it entered into the atmosphere. It flew more than twice as long as originally planned. GOCE (Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer) has measured the earth's gravitational field and the ocean currents with hitherto unattained accuracy. The GFZ is a member of the GOCE High Level Processing Facility of the ESA, GOCE data were included in the latest "Potsdam Gravity Potato" of the GFZ. Even after the burning up of the GOCE satellite, the analysis and interpretation of the collected data continues.

GOCE burning: Last orbital view

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