Personalia| Best Paper Award for Kevin Fleming

Kevin Fleming with Kirghyz school children (photo: M. Haas, GFZ).

06.10.2016: Dr. Kevin Fleming, GFZ Section Centre for Early Warning Systems, is co-author of a study that has been awarded with the 2015 Georisk Best Paper Award. With this award, the editors of the open access scientific journal Georisk: Assessment and Management of Risk for Engineered Systems and Geohazards highlight the paper of the previous year “worthy of commendation for its technical merit”.

Kevin Fleming is part of the international team of authors, lead by the Norwegian first author Zhongqiang Liu. In their study „A three-level framework for multi-risk assessment“ the scientists develop a scheme by which stakeholders such as civil protection authorities can assess the potential risk from natural or man-made disaster. The scheme allows one to assess where more than one event may occur, or where there is interaction between events - for example, earthquakes may trigger landslides, or heavy rains may lead to floods that also increase the likelihood of landslides.

The scheme is in three parts: the first asks a series of questions to see if a so-called multi-hazard and risk approach is required. The second offers an approach to estimate potential interactions between various events, and a third part assesses if there is sufficient information available. The study was part of the EU-funded project „New Multi-Hazard and Muli-Risk Assessment Methods for Europe“, of which Dr. Fleming was a manager. (ak)

Zhongqiang, L., Nadim, F., Garcia-Aristizabal, A., Mignan, A., Fleming, K., Quan Luna, B., 2015. A three-level framework for multi-risk assessment. Georisk, 9 (2), pp 59-74. DOI: 10.1080/17499518.2015.1041989

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