Landmarks in the Land of Ideas – Two GFZ projects awarded

Landmarks in the Land of Ideas – Two GFZ projects awarded (left: Daniel Spengler, photo: GFZ)

14.12.2016: Climate protection from space and in 3D. The initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas“ distinguishes projects that „give answers on urgent matters of the future“. Two GFZ projects are among the winners: CoolFarmTool Space from Daniel Spengler, GFZ section Remote Sensing, and the LowCarbonCityLab by Martin Wattenbach, section Hydrology. Today, the projects are officially announced as „landmarks in the Land of Ideas“.

The agricultural sector has a poor climate balance: it accounts for about one quarter of the global greenhouse gas emissions. CoolFarmTool Space is an online portal that evaluates satellite data and enables farmers to till a field more sustainable. Daniel Spengler: “With this online tool, farmers are able to control the amount of greenhouse gases they produce. This helps them to reduce their climatic imprint, for example by reducing overfertilization”. Together with national and international partners from the economy, science, and the agricultural sector, the scientist now optimizes the application. In the future, satellites shall measure the emissions, in concert with modern farming management systems.

What about the climate balance of large German towns compared to other international cities? Do park areas reduce the CO2- imprint? The 3D-map of the Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL) visualizes the greenhouse gas emissions of cities. Martin Wattenbach: “The map shows where in a city greenhouse gas emissions are highest and where reduction efforts are worthwhile”. Together with international partners from the economy, industry, and administration, he transfers statistical data into three-dimensional models. The data base is for example the CO2 emission factor – an indicator of the climate compatibility of generation of electricity and heat.

The initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas“ awards ideas to make them more visible and to motivate their implementation. It was initiated in 2005 by politics and economy. (ak)

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