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01.09.2016 | New faces at the GFZ – The year of training begins

Today, nine apprentices start their training at the GFZ. For the first time, there are also two students starting with their Dual Course of Study in cooperation with the Technical University of Brandenburg. Also today three volunteers begin their scientific gap year at the GFZ.


01.09.2016 | Personalia | Prof. Jean Braun becomes Head of the new GFZ section Earth Surface Process Modelling

Starting on 1 January 2016, Professor Jean Braun becomes Head of the new GFZ section Earth Surface Process Modelling. Jean Braun was successfully recruited for the GFZ by the Helmholtz Recruiting Initiative. He extends the GFZ’s expertise in the field of numerical Earth surface modelling.


29.08.2016 | Minister Wanka as rainmaker - The GFZ Schoollab at the BMBF Open Day

Last weekend the GFZ Schoollab presented itself as one of five Helmholtz Schoollabs at the Open Day of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Numerous guests as well as the Federal Minister Johanna Wanka were impressed by the „Augmented Reality Sandbox“ that the GFZ Schoollab uses for digital terrain and water cycle modelling.


29.08.2016 | Dealing with Climate Change Impacts – the Potsdam Summer School starts with young talents from all over the world

From global sea level rise to extreme events like floods or droughts – even with ambitious climate mitigation, some impacts of climate change will be felt within this century. How to avoid the unmanageable and manage the unavoidable will be the focus of the Potsdam Summer School from September 5-14, bringing together more than 40 early-career scientists and young professionals from all around the globe.


23.08.2016 | Personalia | Outstanding Paper of the Year Award for Ingo Heidbüchel

Dr. Ingo Heidbüchel, GFZ section Hydrology, is co-author of a study that is awarded with the MG Anderson Outstanding Paper of the Year Award 2016. The MG Anderson Award of the scientific journal Hydrological Processes honors “outstanding papers on hydrological processes”.


18.08.2016 | Interview | Water balance in Central Asia „Many hydrological questions are unsolved“

From 2009 to 2016, Dr. Doris Düthmann worked as a scientist at the GFZ in the section Hydrology. During her PhD study, she focused on the hydrological modeling of water catchments in Central Asia. She has now moved to the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, where her research work will concentrate on the performance of hydrological models under climatic changes.



17.08.2016 | Simulation shows glacier retreat and decreasing water resources for Northwest China

The Tarim Basin in Northwest China is a region characterized by an extremely arid climate. Its population – more than ten million people – is supplied with fresh water by the Tarim, the region’s main river. The river is largely fed from the surrounding glaciated mountain regions. Knowledge on the impact of future climate change on the glaciers and rivers of these mountain areas therefore is of great importance for regional water supply.

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