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22.07.2013 | Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft fördert 15 internationale Forschergruppen (only available in German)

Berlin, 22. Juli 2013 – Die Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft hat im Rahmen eines Pilotprojektes insgesamt 15 internationale Forschergruppen ausgewählt, in denen Helmholtz-Wissenschaftler gemeinsam mit Kollegen aus aller Welt an zukunftsweisenden Projekten forschen. Die so genannten „Helmholtz International Research Groups“ werden für drei Jahre mit bis zu 50.000 Euro jährlich von der Gemeinschaft unterstützt. Die ausländischen Partnereinrichtungen finanzieren die Kooperation in gleicher Höhe. Das Pilotprojekt erhielt bei den Wissenschaftlern großen Zuspruch: 79 Gruppen hatten sich beworben. Aus der ersten Auswahlrunde gingen acht Gruppen hervor, aus der zweiten Runde sieben.


17.07.2013 | GFZ honored as a Recognized Training Company by Chamber of Commerce

17.07.2013|Potsdam:As part of the Brandenburg Training Consensus, the President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Potsdam (IHK), along with public figures, awarded the GFZ with the certificate Approved Training Organization today. Dr. Stefan Schwartze, the Administrative Executive Director of the GFZ, received the certificate from the IHK President Victor Stimming.



12.07.2013 | Is the ice in Greenland in growing decline?

Is the ice in Greenland in growing decline?
12.07.2013|Potsdam: The time period of satellite observations of the ice sheets of Greenland and the Antarctic is still too short to be able to say whether the accelerated loss of ice measured today will persist in the future. This is the result published today in the online edition of "Nature Geosciences" by a research team led by Bert Wouters from the University of Bristol. The GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences is also involved in the study. The researchers conclude that predictions of the contribution of both ice shields to the sea level up to the year 2100 may be more than 35 cm too high or too low.


12.07.2013 | "A Man of Science" as video stream

Ernst von Rebeur-Paschwitz was the founder of modern seismology. In 1889, on the Telegrafenberg in Potsdam, he delivered the world's first evidence that distant earthquakes can be recorded. The sons of Prof. Dr. Rainer Kind, the emeritus professor of geophysics from the GFZ, have produced a documentary about Rebeur-Paschwitz, which opened in 2012 and can now be viewed on the internet.


08.07.2013 | Prof. Dr. Claudia Stolle is the new head of Section 2.3, “Earth’s Magnetic Field”

On 1st July 2013 Prof. Dr. Claudia Stolle was appointed head of Section 2.3, “Earth’s Magnetic Field”. As a joint appointment between GFZ and the University of Potsdam, Prof. Stolle commenced a position as professor of the “Earth’s Magnetic Field” in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Her research interests focus on the interaction of the Earth's magnetic field and phenomena and trends in the upper atmosphere, as well as the characterization of the sources of the geomagnetic field in the near-Earth space.


01.07.2013 | Summer School on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) at GFZ

At 9am on 1st July 2013 the Geosciences Summer School on GNSS was opened at the GFZ. Part of a research project of the European Union, it lasted until July 3rd.


27.06.2013 | Stable movement centers in Earth’s mantle

Stable movement centers in Earth’s mantle
27.06.2013|Potsdam: For about 250 million years, the upward and downward currents in the mantle have remained very stable. These convection currents in semi-liquid rock below the earth's crust are responsible for the movement of tectonic plates and could now be related to the movement patterns on the earth's surface, as reported in the current issue of Nature (498, June 2013). At the same time there were indications that the anomalies of wave propagation found during the observation of seismic waves in the mantle are associated with these patterns.

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