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04.12.2013 | Rapid climate changes, but with a 120 year time lag

Rapid climate changes, but with a 120 year time lag
04.12.2013|Potsdam: Regional climate changes can be very rapid. A German-British team of geoscientists now reports that such a rapid climate change occurred in different regions with a time difference of 120 years.


04.12.2013 | SWARM-Satellites: Systems switched on

As the European Space Agency ESA and the satellite producer Astrium announced in a status report on Wednesday 3 Dec. 2013, all scientific instruments could be switched into operation.


01.12.2013 | What drives aftershocks?

What drives aftershocks?
01.12.2013|Potsdam: High-resolution GPS signals provide new insights into the mechanisms of stress transfer in subduction zones. Up to two metres of "silent" creeping within 420 days after the mainshock.


22.11.2013 | Satellite trio to explore the Earth's magnetic field

Satellite trio to explore the Earth's magnetic field
22.11.2013|Potsdam: On 22 November 2013, a Russian Rockot rocket cleared the launchpad of the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on schedule at 13:02:15 CET. In the tip of the rocket: three identical satellites to measure the Earth's magnetic field. A good hour and a half later, at 14:37:48 CET, the report of success: all three satellites separated seamlessly from the carrier rocket and the ground stations Kiruna (Sweden) and Longyearbyen /Svalbard (Norway) were able to establish radio contact with them.


15.11.2013 | Oxygen, Phosphorous and Early Life on Earth

Oxygen, Phosphorous and Early Life on Earth
17.11.2013 |Two billion years ago the Earth system was recovering from perhaps the single-most profound modification of its surface environments: the oxygenation of the atmosphere and oceans.  This led to a series of major changes in global biogeochemical cycles, as a team around Aivo Lepland of the Norwegian Geological Survey NGU reports in the latest online edition of “Nature Geoscience”.


13.11.2013 | Antrittsvorlesung von Prof. Dr. Torsten Dahm

Induzierte Erdbeben - wie werden Erdbeben ausgelöst? Heute am 13. November 2013 hält Prof. Dr. Torsten Dahm um 17:30 Uhr seine Antrittsvorlesung an der Universität Potsdam.


11.11.2013 | Fiery End of the GOCE gravity mission

The gravity satellite „GOCE“ burned up after four and a half year in a Low Earth Orbit on 11.11.2013 at 01.23 Uhr CET in the South Atlantic. Following a communication of the European Space Agency ESA, the satellite found its fiery end south of the Falkland islands when it entered into the atmosphere.

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