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09.10.2015 | Personalia | New Steering Committee Geomagnetic Observatories

Since this October, the steering committee of the GFZ Adolf Schmidt Observatory for Geomagnetism Lenkungsausschuss Geomagnetische Observatorien in Niemegk has new members. The steering committee advises the GFZ Executive Board and represents the interests of the user of this global research infrastructure.


06.10.2015 | Personalia | Rendel Prize awarded to two GFZ young scientists

06.10.2015|Berlin: Today two GFZ young scientists, Eleanor Berryman and Benedikt Soja, were awarded the Bernd Rendel Prize. The Prize was handed over at the GeoBerlin 2015, the joint annual conference of the German Geological Society – Geological Association DGGV and the German Mineralogical Society DMG.


06.10.2015 | Personalia | Prof. Oncken honored with Gustav Steinmann Medal

06.10.2015: On the annual meeting of the Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft – Geologische Vereinigung e.V. (DGGV) during the GeoBerlin2015, Prof. Dr. Onno Oncken was honored with the Gustav Steinmann Medal, commending his excellent scientific contribution to the field of geodynamics, globaltektonic processes, and quantification of geotectonic processes.


01.10.2015 | Bericht | Potsdam Summer School 2015: „Facing Natural Hazards“ (only available in German)

Wann wird aus einem Naturereignis eine Naturkatastrophe? Aus Sicht menschlicher Gesellschaften dann, wenn hohe Opferzahlen und große Infrastrukturschäden zu beklagen sind. Durch einen verbesserten Umgang mit Naturgefahren wäre es wohl dank wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse und moderner Technik auch heute schon möglich, das Ausmaß der Schäden durch Naturkatastrophen zu reduzieren. Das ist eine der Erkenntnisse, zu der die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer der zweiten internationalen Potsdam Summer School 2015 im Laufe der neuntägigen Veranstaltung gelangten.


01.10.2015 | Personalia | Dr. Werner Köckeritz joins GFZ as new Chief Information Officer

01.10.2015: Dr. Werner Köckeritz joins GFZ as Chief Information Officer (CIO). A main goal of this newly created position that is directly reporting to the Executive Board is a future-oriented adjustment of the information and communication technology at GFZ.


01.10.2015 | Personalia | New Head for section „Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials“

01.10.2015: Prof. Monika Koch-Müller will be new Head of GFZ-section Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials, starting on 1 October, succeeding Prof. Wilhelm Heinrich at an early date.


29.09.2015 | Seawater injection to enhance oil production

25.09.2015: The recovery rate in oil fields is around 20 to 40 percent using conventional methods, i.e. most of the oil remains in the reservoir rock. By injecting seawater in the water-bearing rocks below the oil, the oil field pressure can be stabilized. Moreover, the recovery rate is enhanced by 30 percent, and production can be extended. However, this technical measure is coupled to a variety of geochemical processes between the rock fluids (water and oil) and the rock itself. One consequence is that unwanted minerals form, another is that labile rock components dissolve. In extreme cases, the production wells are blocked. Up to now, the geochemical processes between the injection and production wells were unknown.

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