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04.12.2015 | Maximum observed earthquake magnitudes along continental transform faults

04.12.2015: Maximum observed earthquake magnitudes along continental transform faults. A team of scientists from the GFZ in collaboration with the University of Southern California has now presented a global evaluation of observed maximum earthquakes along all major transform faults allowing to better estimate the maximum earthquake strengths. To estimate the seismic hazard and resulting risk it is essential to know the maximum earthquake magnitude to be expected along particular faults.


03.12.2015 | Assessment report on methane as an Arctic climate forcer

03.12.2015: Global warming is considered to trigger positive feedback mechanisms in the Arctic with a high potential for additional warming. How much methane, as a potent greenhouse gas, contributes to this additional warming potential is assessed in the recent Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) report „AMAP Assessment 2015: Methane as an Arctic climate forcer“, which was co-authored by Dr. Torsten Sachs, GFZ section Anorganic and Isotope Geochemistry and leader of the Helmholtz Young Investigators Group TEAM.


01.12.2015 | Eastern Mediterranean Earthquake Risk Revisited

01.12.2015: Eastern Mediterranean Earthquake Risk Revisited. The number of earthquake and tsunami sources in Eastern Mediterranean is considerably higher than assumed previously. Moreover, on a geological time scale these sources generate large earthquakes in bursts.


30.11.2015 | How do Landslides control the weathering of rocks?

30.11.2015: How do Landslides control the weathering of rocks? Chemical weathering of rocks over geological time scales is an important control on the stability of the climate. In the Southern Alps of New Zealand researchers found that landslides, despite only affecting a small part of the landscape, accelerate the weathering of the eroded material they create enormously.


27.11.2015 | Personalia | Two GFZ scientists elected for the Review Boards of the German Research Foundation

27.11.2015: Yesterday, the preliminary election results for the Review Boards of the German Research Foundation DFG were announced. Hence, Prof. Scheck-Wenderoth, Head of GFZ department Chemistry of the Earth, and Prof. Koch-Müller, Head of GFZ section Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials are now members of the DFG Review Boards for four years.


27.11.2015 | Improving flood risk management by reducing „surprise“

27.11.2015: In the current issue of Water Resources Research an international team led by Prof. Bruno Merz, Head of GFZ section Hydrology, analyses the problem of misinterpretations in flood risk management. Two causes for surprise with catastrophic consequences are identified: limits in predictability caused by complexity of flood extremes and biases  in human perception and decision making.


24.11.2015 | Personalia | Professorship for Oliver Kastner

23.11.2015: Oliver Kastner, coordinator of the "Zwanzig20-Forums Wärmewende“ at GFZ, is called to a joint professorship „Solare Systemtechnik“ between the Institut für Solarenergieforschung Hameln/Emmerthal (ISFH) and the Leibniz University Hannover (LUH), starting in January 2016. He will also become head of department „Solare Systeme“ at ISFH.

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