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14.10.2014 | Rare Earth Elements and Cratons - Daniel Harlov is Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg

14.10.2014: Professor Daniel Harlov of GFZ section "Chemistry and Physics of Geo Materials" has been appointed as Visiting Professor at the Department of Geology, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


07.10.2014 | Seismology: Help for self-help

07.10.2014| Bogotá: On Ocober 6th, this year’s international GFZ training course  “Seismology and Seismic Risk Assessment” started in Bogotá/Colombia.


06.10.2014 | ICDP Training Course ”Drilling in Active Fault Zones”

06.10.2014| Franz Josef, New Zealand: The annual ICDP Training Course is taking place from October 5 to 10 at the Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand, nearby the simultaneously running Alpine Fault ICDP-Project (DFDP)


01.10.2014 | Two new Heads of Sections at GFZ

01.10.2014: As of 1st October two new Heads of Sections and joint appointments set at GFZ.


24.09.2014 | GEOTHERMICS Special Issue: Analysis of Induced Seismicity in Geothermal Operations

24.09.2014: Ein im Oktober 2014 erscheinender Sonderband der Fachzeitschrift GEOTHERMICS vergleicht raum-zeitliche Muster von Erdbeben, die durch menschliche Eingriffe in den Untergrund zur Energiegewinnung ausgelöst wurden. Ziel ist es, die seismische Aktivität in der Tiefen Geothermie durch geeignete Soft-Stimulations-Strategien (insbesondere den Einsatz von Enhanced Geothermal Systems, EGS) zu minimieren. Der Sonderband wurde von den beiden GFZ-Wissenschaftlern Arno Zang und David Bruhn zusammen mit Ernest Majer vom Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory editiert.


24.09.2014 | Fingerprint from the Depth of the Earth

24.09.2014|Bonn: On the current issue of its “german research” Magazine the German Research Foundation DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) covers a story about the work of GFZ scientist’s Dr. Sandro Jahn’s “Emmy Noether Group junior research group”.


23.09.2014 | Geomagnetic Observatory on Tristan da Cunha

23.09.2014|Tristan da Cunha: The Government of Tristan da Cunha and the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam have signed an agreement to operate a geomagnetic observatory on the island of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic. Thus, the GFZ extends its network of observatories for geomagnetic research into one of the most important areas of the magnetic field of the earth.

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