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16.01.2014 | Prof. Huenges (GFZ) Spokesman of the FVEE Renewable Energy Research Association

16.01.2014|Potsdam/Berlin: The Board of Directors of the FVEE Renewable Energy Research Association elected Prof. Dr. Ernst Huengesof the GFZ as a spokesman. Prof. Dr. Clemens Hoffmann of the Fraunhofer-Institute for wind energy and energy system technolgy, Kassel, was elected as deputy spokesman.


13.01.2014 | Methane from sedimentary basins and global climate

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas with a greenhouse potential over 20 times more effective in irradiating heat than CO2. As methane is one of the main products generated from buried organic matter during sedimentary basin evolution, and in view of the vast masses of carbon in the geosphere, the question arises whether leakage of methane from the geosphere to the atmosphere may affect global climate both at present and in the past. A group of GFZ scientists araound L.Berbesi addresses this question in an article appearing in the February 2014 edition of Earth and Planetary Science Letters, by combining the quantitative numerical simulation of basin evolution and methane generation with geochemical mass balance models and published measured natural methane emission rates.


09.01.2014 | Solar storm: major impacts rather unlikely

Solar storm: major impacts rather unlikely
09.01.2014|Potsdam: The media reported about a solar outburst and a cloud of solar wind particles directed towards the Earth. ajor impacts are rather unlikely.


08.01.2014 | Arbeiten am GFZ-Geothermiestandort Groß Schönebeck

(Only available in German)

08.01.2013|Potsdam: Das Deutsche GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ erforscht in seinem Erdwärme-Demonstrationsprojekt bei Groß Schönebeck die Nutzbarkeit der Geothermie als nachhaltige Energieform. Wichtig dabei sind die chemisch-physikalischen Prozesse, die durch die Salze und Mineralien ausgelöst werden, die in den Tiefenwässern des Norddeutschen Beckens enthalten sind. Das Team um GFZ-Projektleiter Ernst Huenges untersucht zur Zeit, wie sich diese Prozesse auf den Betrieb geothermischer Anlagenauswirken können.

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