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20.11.2014 | Himalaya Tectonic Dam with a Discharge

2014/11/20: The Himalaya features some of the most impressive gorges on Earth that have been formed by rivers. The geologic history of the famous Tsangpo Gorge, in the eastern Himalaya, now needs to be rewritten.


19.11.2014 | Share Your Data! German Meeting of the Research Data Alliance in Potsdam

18.11.2014: Science is driven by data. Data exists in a variety of formats on different platforms and the data landscape is highly fragmented, by disciplines or by domains.


13.11.2014 | Helmholtz PostDoc-Fellowship for Patricia Martinez-Garzon

13.11.2014: Dr. Patricia Martinez-Garzon (GFZ section ‚Geomechanics and Rheology‘) has received a fellowship within the „Helmholtz-Postdoctoral Programme“.


12.11.2014 | Geothermal Association Young Academics Prize awarded to Dr. Egbert Jolie

12.11.2014|Essen: This evening the Geothermal Association awards this year's "Prize for the Promotion of Young Academics" to Egbert Jolie of the International Centre for Geothermal Research ICGR at GFZ. This prize is awarded once a year to early career researchers, at the annual symposium of the Association, to honor outstanding scientific achievements in the field of geothermal research.


30.10.2014 | EGSIEM-Project launch: Using gravity field analysis to forecast hydrological extremes

30.10.2014: Funding is approved for a new service that uses gravity field analysis for forecasting and mapping of hydrological extremes like draughts and flood events. GFZ sections 1.2 "Global Geomonitoring and Gravity Field", and 5.4 "Hydrology" are engaged in development and operation of the project, funded by the Horizon2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation.


28.10.2014 | S. Liebner and L. Guanter: new appointments

28.10.2014: Dr. Susanne Liebner, GFZ Section „Geomicrobiology“, today received her official nomination as Assistant Professor for Molecular Environmental Microbiology. She will take up this joint appointment between the GFZ and Potsdam University on 1 November.


28.10.2014 | Reducing the risk of earthquake related hazards - workshop opening

27.10.2014|Almaty: The international Workshop „Regional Cooperation in Seismology and Earthquake Engineering in South and Central Asia” opened in Almaty, Kazakhstan - In the presence of the German Ambassador, Dr. Guido Herz, and the US Consul General, Theresa Grencik.

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