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29.12.2014 | American cities are many times brighter than German counterparts

29.12.2014: German cities emit several times less light per capita than comparably sized American cities, according to a recent publication in the journal Remote Sensing. The size of the gap grew with city size, as light per capita increased with city size in the USA but decreased with city size in Germany. The study also examined regional differences, and surprisingly found that light emission per capita was higher in cities in the former East of Germany than from those in the former West.


19.12.2014 | Ten years after the disaster: Tsunami-Early Warning System for the Indian Ocean

19.12.2014: The day after Christmas this year will mark the 10 anniversary of the tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean. On 26 December 2004, a quarter of a million people lost their lives, five million required immediate aid and 1.8 million citizens were rendered homeless. The natural disaster, which caused extreme devastation over huge areas and the accompanying grief and anxiety, especially in Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka exceeded the imaginable and reached such drastic dimensions, mainly due to the lack of a warning facility and a disaster management plan for the entire Indian Ocean region at this time.


09.12.2014 | SET Plan 2014 Side Event - The role of subsurface for the future of energy supply

The use of subsurface for the future of energy supply is the topic of a side event organized by the International Centre for Geothermal Research ICGR International Centre for Geothermal Research ICGR of the GFZ within the frame of the “SET Plan Conference 2014”. 


08.12.2014 | Dirk Wagner is new representative of the IASC Terrestrial Working Group for the German National Committee for Polar Research SCAR/IASC of the DFG

05.12.2014│Trier: GFZ scientist Dirk Wagner was elected as new representative of the Terrestrial Working Group of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) for the German National Committee for Polar Research SCAR/IASC of the German Science Foundation (DFG).


01.12.2014 | Two new Heads of GFZ Departments

01.12.2014|Potsdam: Prof. Dr. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth is the new Director of GFZ Department 4 „Chemistry of the Earth“. She succeeds Prof. Dr. Jörg Erzinger, who very successfully held this position over the past years. Also starting from 1st of December, Prof. Dr. Michael Kühn is new Director of "Technology Transfer Centres, Scientific Infrastructure and Platforms" which he will now jointly lead together with Dr. Jörn Lauterjung.


28.11.2014 | 4th SWARM Data Quality Workshop

Dec 2nd-5th 2014|Potsdam: During the first week of December GFZ hosts the 4th SWARM Data Quality Workshop. This will be the second international SWARM Meeting that takes place at GFZ.


21.11.2014 | GeoMultiSens - Scaleable multisensoral analysis of satellite remote sensing data

21.11.2014: The new project GeoMultiSens develops a Big Data system that can process and analyze remote sensing data in the petabyte range. This project is headed by GFZ section "Geoinformatics".

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