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11.08.2017 | Personalia | Dirk Scherler receives the ERC Starting Grant

Dirk Scherler, Junior Professor in GFZ section Earth Surface Geochemistry, has been awarded a Starting Grant by the European Research Council (ERC) endowed with ~1.5 million Euro.


28.07.2017 | Personalia | Halogens - Daniel Harlov is editor of a new comprehensive summary

Daniel Harlov, GFZ section Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials, published a comprehensive summary on the role of halogens in geochemical processes, together with his co-editor Leonid Aranovich,  Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.


22.06.2017 | Personalia | Michelson-Prize for Robert Emberson

Robert Emberson, former PhD student in the GFZ section Geomorphology, was honored with the Michelson-Prize of the University of Potsdam for the best dissertation of the academic year 2016/2017 in the field of natural sciences. Emberson finished his dissertation “Chemical Weathering driven by Bedrock Landslides” with summa cum laude.


16.06.2017 | Personalia | Friedrich-Robert-Helmert Prize awarded

The Verein der Freunde und Förderer des GFZ (FFGFZ) awards the best GFZ dissertation of a year with the Friedrich-Robert-Helmert Prize. Following the member conference the prize was awarded last Thursday to Sofia-Katerina Kufner and Benedikt Soja.


15.06.2017 | Personalia | The fastest woman at the GFZ

Jennifer Weigt, section Geomicrobiology, is the fastest woman at the GFZ. The technical assistant of working group „Microbial GeoEngineering“ headed by Hilke Würdemann finished in first place of individual women score at yesterday’s DAK corporate run in Potsdam. She also enabled first place for the GFZ all women team as well as the mixed team, and, rather unusual, fourth place for the GFZ all men team…


07.06.2017 | Personalia | Axel Liebscher takes over ICDP Chairmanship

On the meeting of the executive committee of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program ICDP in Kiruna, Sweden, Brian Horsfield, former Head of the GFZ section Organic Geochemistry, hands over the position of chairman of the executive committee to Axel Liebscher, Head of GFZ section Geological Storage.


16.05.2017 | Personalia | Benedikt Soja is decorated with the Ring of Honor of the Republic of Austria

Benedikt Soja, a former PhD student of the GFZ section Space Geodetic Techniques, now NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, California/USA, is today decorated with the Ring of Honor of the Republic of Austria.

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